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BeAble Capital invests 400,000€ in Next Tip nanoscience

The Spanish venture capital fund, specialised in scientific projects, BeAble Capital is investing 400,000 Euros in Next Tip, a spin-off of the Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) for the design, development, scaling and production of high-value probes for use in atomic microscopy, specifically in nanospectrometry.

BeAble Capital, a leading venture in Science Equity, invests 160,000€ in Porous Inks Technologies (PINKs)

This new technology works with materials called MOF 'Metal Organic Frameworks', which could have multiple applications, such as generating drinking water or capturing carbon dioxide to slow down climate change.

BeAble Capital seeks 70 millions to raise its second science equity fund in 2021.

Almudena Trigo defends that transforming science into business will drive a reindustrialisation to get out of the crisis

"Science can provide answers to the great challenges the society is facing"​

Getting investor support for innovations that emerge from universities or research centres is not always an easy task, as many scientists know. Almudena Trigo is one of them. As a researcher, Trigo was one of the pioneers in Spain of synthetic biology, a discipline that uses the bases of electronics and engineering to create biological circuits with genetic material.

BeAble Capital invests €160,000 in Captoplastic technology that removes microplastic from water

Spanish investment firm BeAble Capital has made a new investment of 160,000 euros in the Captoplastic startup, which is working on a technology to remove microplastics from water, according to a statement.