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Inbentus closes a capital increase led by BeAble Capital

Inbentus medical respirators get 2 million euros. The Murcian medical company closes a capital increase led by BeAble Capital, with the participation of the investment fund Murcia Emprende, the founders themselves and small investors.

BeAble Capital invests €450,000 in disruptive Next-Gen Leather technology

BeAble Capital, specialized in Science Equity (Technology Transfer in Deep Science) has identified the enormous possibilities of Next-Gen Leather and its BacLEATHER® technology, a biomaterial that is obtained in the laboratory from an infinitely renewable source and that perfectly mimics the characteristics of animal skin.

Interview with Almudena Trigo in Expansion

Almudena Trigo is aware that ordinary mortals have difficulty understanding her work, but she considers that it is such an important sector for the future of the Spanish economy that she strives to explain, almost with an educational vocation, what science equity is. private investment in technology transfer in deep science.

Science Equity European Summit in Madrid

On May 12 and 13, 2022, Madrid will be the European epicenter of Science Equity thanks to Facing Challenges Summit Madrid, which in its second edition chooses the face-to-face format for the celebration of this European summit.

Molecular Gate S.L., new ICMAB-CSIC and BeAble Capital spin-off

The cost-effective technology developed by the company will ensure the authenticity of pharmaceutical products using smart optical printed elements on the products.

Science Equity: money to create a new industry in emptied Spain

The 'emptied Spain' could be filled with industrial companies that do not need huge infrastructures like those of the traditional sectors. Technology-based companies that do not develop software or other technologies, but rather tangible products.

Eurecat and BeAble Capital create the spin-off Reinforce3D

BeAble Capital will invest up to €650,000 in several phases in the innovative Reinforce3D technology based on a Eurecat patent, which improves the technical and dimensional performance of components and industrial products manufactured using 3D printing.

Interview for Spanish newspaper La Razón

Almudena Trigo: «Science can change the industry of our country with qualified jobs and competitive value»

BeAble Capital takes stock of 2021

BeAble Capital takes stock of a 2021 in which it has raised 7 million euros for its startups, establishing itself as the leading manager specializing in our country in investment in Science Equity.

2022 will be the “year of deeptech”

Sifted chose Almudena Trigo and other investors around Europe to talk about deeptech trends for 2022. Investors believe that 2022 will be the “year of deeptech” with many more VCs and corporations jumping in to fund startups, especially as other sectors become overheated and overcrowded.

BeAble Capital: How Science Equity Will Transform Industries

Interesante speaks with Almudena Trigo, Partner of BeAble Capital, a Spanish venture capital that specializes in complex technologies and seeks to bring together the entire Science Equity community in Europe.

BeAble Capital, the ‘venture’ that transforms science into industry

The fund, specialized in Science Equity, invests in science-based companies at very early stages. Almudena Trigo, founding partner, has been selected as one of the “Women Referents of Innovative Entrepreneurship in Spain”.

Investment and innovation in science # NaciónInnovación240

In this program they speak Almudena Trigo, founding partner & Chairwoman BeAble Capital; Irene Zaldívar, CEO of AD Particles; and Elena Rivas, CEO of A4Cell; on investment and innovation in science.

Science equity: the key to withstanding future crises similar to COVID-19?

Within the value chain of unlisted capital, science equity represents an investment category, as does venture capital or private equity, where investments are destined exclusively to companies or projects arising from the scientific field.

The biotech startup CellDrive receives 169,250 euros from BeAble Capital

CellDrive produces a new biotin platform that seeks to revolutionize tissue engineering to help transform the future of medicine.

Science equity Facing Challenges Summit Madrid concludes

The summit featured the opening speech of the Minister of Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque and brought together European science equity funds, private investors, large corporations and institutions in Madrid.

First European Summit of Science Equity: 'Facing Challenges Summit Madrid 2021', sponsored by ICEX-Invest in Spain, with the support of ASCRI, will be held on June 8

On June 8, the Facing Challenges Summit Madrid 2021 will be held for the first time, the first summit around Science Equity or technology transfer focused on Deep Science. The summit, which will take place in a hybrid format, will be broadcast live from Madrid to the rest of Europe.

The ‘Science Equity’ is born: a new asset class within the investment landscape that names funds specialized in Technology Transfer in Deep Science

Science Equity, technology transfer funds in Deep Science, is a new investment category already endorsed by large organizations, such as the European Investment Fund (EIF), and also by the Government of Spain, which supports the celebration of Facing Challenges Summit Madrid 2021, the first European summit around Science Equity that will be broadcast live from Madrid on June 8.

Almudena Trigo, the 'big bang' of Science Equity, germinating science with seed capital

You have to believe, and Almudena Trigo believes and fights every battle to the end. You have to have been a scientist, entrepreneur and ‘angel’, and Almudena Trigo has already gone through these phases in an outstanding way.

BeAble Capital increases the creation of scientific-based industrial companies in Spain by 10%

BeAble Capital, which has 35 million euros in assets under management, has increased the creation of industrial companies emerging from scientific fields in Spain by 10%.

BeAble Capital invests 183,400 euros in Glasskin and its disruptive technology applicable in the glass manufacturing sector.

This novel technology allows to improve the properties of the glass reducing the environmental impact of the sector.

BeAble Capital invests 400,000€ in Next Tip nanoscience

The Spanish venture capital fund, specialised in scientific projects, BeAble Capital is investing 400,000 Euros in Next Tip, a spin-off of the Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) for the design, development, scaling and production of high-value probes for use in atomic microscopy, specifically in nanospectrometry.

BeAble Capital, a leading venture in Science Equity, invests 160,000€ in Porous Inks Technologies (PINKs)

This new technology works with materials called MOF 'Metal Organic Frameworks', which could have multiple applications, such as generating drinking water or capturing carbon dioxide to slow down climate change.

BeAble Capital seeks 70 millions to raise its second science equity fund in 2021.

Almudena Trigo defends that transforming science into business will drive a reindustrialisation to get out of the crisis

"Science can provide answers to the great challenges the society is facing"​

Getting investor support for innovations that emerge from universities or research centres is not always an easy task, as many scientists know. Almudena Trigo is one of them. As a researcher, Trigo was one of the pioneers in Spain of synthetic biology, a discipline that uses the bases of electronics and engineering to create biological circuits with genetic material.

BeAble Capital invests €160,000 in Captoplastic technology that removes microplastic from water

Spanish investment firm BeAble Capital has made a new investment of 160,000 euros in the Captoplastic startup, which is working on a technology to remove microplastics from water, according to a statement.