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"Science at the heart of the race to reach the 17 UN Sustainable Developement Goals" United Nations

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"We cannot allow the companies of the future to lack the necessary funding to develop and be competitive internationally"

"At this time it is vital to strengthen the Venture Capital sector in Spain, which is prepared by its nature to invest in companies that emerge from science, at the stages in which they are off the radar of banking institutions **in terms of funding". Newspaper El Referente touches on the activity of BeAble Capital and Almudena Trigo in their article "How to deal with cash payments in the face of the Covid-19 economic crisis" published by Blanca Capitán, in a global approach to the business and entrepreneurial situation of our country, Europe, and other continents.

"Science is the key to solving the challenges we face”.

Almudena Trigo is the protagonist of this article, published by La Razón in their Innovators section. In the interview, the co-founder of BeAble offers her point of view on the drastic changes our daily lives have faced in the recent months. In her words, "If a country has an industry that represents a high percentage of their GDP, what they actually have is a more stable economy in the face of a crisis.”

"I learned that in the end everything has a positive byproduct"

With an extensive international background and a distinct multidisciplinary character, Almudena Trigo is the co-founder, together with David López, of BeAble Capital. This company aims to apply all its technical knowledge, its vision of the modus operandi of Spanish science, and its experience in technology transfer to business initiatives that generate and transform the Spanish industrial fabric, all through the conversion of scientific development into high industrial technology.