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BeAble Capital seeks 70 millions to raise its second science equity fund in 2021.

Almudena Trigo defends that transforming science into business will drive a reindustrialisation to get out of the crisis

"Science can provide answers to the great challenges the society is facing"​

Getting investor support for innovations that emerge from universities or research centres is not always an easy task, as many scientists know. Almudena Trigo is one of them. As a researcher, Trigo was one of the pioneers in Spain of synthetic biology, a discipline that uses the bases of electronics and engineering to create biological circuits with genetic material.

"Promoting a more industrial economy will help us get out of the crisis"

From BeAble Capital as a reference venture capital in the investment in industrial science-based companies, we seek to promote an advanced reindustrialization, generating a high value-added and competitive industrial fabric, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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Taking photos of oneself has always existed, but only when it began to be called "selfie", its use skyrocketed. Investment in Technology Transfer is not new, but if we want to push it in the Private Capital, we have to give it an charismatic name that is close to this sector. Thanks to Expansión and Pepe Bravo for this great article.