Almudena Trigo - Partner

“Spain develops great Science every day, and Science is key to create a sustainable, worth-living future. Science-focused investments deliver unavoidable and profitable success for everyone: investors and society”.

David López - Partner

“BeAble Capital team perfectly combines the skills to deliver truly relevant achievements: scientific expertise, accurate investment know-how and the deep belief that good ideas are nothing if they can’t be developed in a both economically and environmentally sustainable way”.

Roberto Ranera - Partner

“Good investments should be profitable; great investments should not only pursue profitability. Great investments create real value for society, value beyond money. BeAble Capital only speaks the language of great investments ”.

Alberto Díaz - Partner

“Supporting the development of national Science-based projects, BeAble Capital is leading the path to the creation of a consistent industry. This industry adds value to our country and positions us today as the owners of the solutions for tomorrow’s needs”.