Code of Ethics and Legal Compliance

This Code of Ethics and Legal Compliance sets out the values and principles through ethical business behavior that aims to serve as a guide for all administrators, managers, employees, representatives, customers, suppliers and other third parties that provide services for BEABLE CAPITAL SGEIC, S.A. or who, in any way, act for account of the same, such as agents, intermediaries or subcontracted companies that relate to the Company.

Código ético


The ESG (or ESG in English) criteria that address the three pillars of sustainability are Environmental, Social and Governance are:

  • Environmental Criteria (A): It covers topics such as climate risks, the shortage of natural resources, pollution, waste, environmental policy, management and reporting, consumption of resources, conservation of biodiversity, circular economy, positive impact (renewable energies) products & businesses.
  • Social Criteria (S): It includes labor and product liability issues, risks such as data security and opposition from interest groups, promotion of compliance with human rights and labor rights (training, health and safety, equality …), work in developing countries, reduction of inequalities, investment in the community, products & businesses with positive impact at the social level, creation of employment, etc…
  • Governance (G): Corporate governance: Includes elements related to corporate governance and company behavior, such as the quality and effectiveness of the board, responsible practices, compliance with principles against bribery and corruption, women in management bodies, business ethic code, relationship with stakeholders / employees / clients / suppliers, etc.

ESG Criteria



Beable Capital SGEIC S.A. implements an Involvement Policy in order to promote long-term shareholder involvement in companies and transparency for institutional investors, asset managers and proxy advisors. The Involvement Policy describes how our involvement as shareholders or managers of shareholders is integrated.

Involvement Policy

2023 Involvement Policy Annual Report


The objective of this Whistleblowing Channel is to establish a procedure so that any employee or person who works in our Company or relates directly and indirectly to it and has reasonable indications that a crime or malpractice is being committed in our company can report or simply report on the behaviors, of action or omission, or facts, that may be capable of being classified as crimes or contrary to our Code of Ethics.

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