Next-Tip is a technology-based startup, Spin-Off of the CSIC, whose main activity is the development and manufacturing of TERS tips, a consumable necessary for TERS microscope performance. TERS (Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy) is  a promising technology joining AFM Microscopy plus RAMAN Spectroscopy. So with the help of Next-Tip consumable, this technology provides:


  • CHEMICAL and MORPHOLOGICAL analysis at the nanoscale
  • At the same time
  • In native conditions, without special preparation of the sample


Next-Tip patented technology  allows the company not only to be the best market player in the performance benchmark,  but also to unlock the technical challenges highly demanded by the Industrial Market:


  • Obtaining a real breakthrough with the RESOLUTION, being able to research or analyze still unexplored areas.
  • Being the more RELIABLE and the “easier to use” tip in the market, due to its outstanding reproducibility and sharpness.
  • Reaching higher LIFETIME for active use, due to its proprietary surface morphology.

Next-Tip uses its propietary technology for the coating of its microscopic tips with controlled size and chemical composition nanoparticles, that allows the high resolution mapping thats applied in topography. The technology is also applied in Kelvin probe microscopy in intermittent contact mode (tapping).