Founded in September 2018, Doitplenoptic is a spin-off company from the University of Valencia. Doitplenoptic’s mission is to democratize the scientific use of 3D technology with affordable and high 3D/4D performance SMART devices and AI cloud-based software for clinical, biological, and industrial applications.


With a novel concept of lightfield capture, our technology has enabled our first product, the plenoptic eyepiece: a versatile, universal, cost-effective, and handy device that converts any instrument for visual inspection, like microscopes, ophthalmoscopes or telescopes, into a 3D computational imaging instrument.

Manuel Martinez

Cofounder & Shareholder

«With the help of Beable Capital, we have transformed our research results into a viable device. Its conviction on the possibilities of our technology, the funding and the human support have been fundamental in this great leap. Thanks to Beable Capital, Doitplenoptic is now a reality with a huge market projection.«