Almudena Trigo, the 'big bang' of Science Equity, germinating science with seed capita​l

You have to believe, and Almudena Trigo believes and fights every battle to the end. You have to have been a scientist, entrepreneur and ‘angel’, and Almudena Trigo has already gone through these phases in an outstanding way.

BeAble Capital invests 183,400 euros in Glasskin and its disruptive technology applicable in the glass manufacturing sector.

This novel technology allows to improve the properties of the glass reducing the environmental impact of the sector.

BeAble Capital, a leading venture in Science Equity, invests 160,000€ in Porous Inks Technologies (PINKs)

This new technology works with materials called MOF 'Metal Organic Frameworks', which could have multiple applications, such as generating drinking water or capturing carbon dioxide to slow down climate change.

BeAble Capital invierte 400.000 euros en la nanociencia de Next Tip

The Spanish venture capital fund, specialised in scientific projects, BeAble Capital is investing 400,000 Euros in Next Tip, a spin-off of the Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) for the design, development, scaling and production of high-value probes for use in atomic microscopy, specifically in nanospectrometry.

BeAble Capital invests €160,000 in Captoplastic technology that removes microplastic from water

Spanish investment firm BeAble Capital has made a new investment of 160,000 euros in the Captoplastic startup, which is working on a technology to remove microplastics from water, according to a statement.

BeAble Capital seeks 70 millions to raise its second science equity fund in 2021.

Almudena Trigo defends that transforming science into business will drive a reindustrialisation to get out of the crisis

Science Equity is born!

Taking photos of oneself has always existed, but only when it began to be called "selfie", its use skyrocketed. Investment in Technology Transfer is not new, but if we want to push it in the Private Capital, we have to give it an charismatic name that is close to this sector. Thanks to Expansión and Pepe Bravo for this great article.

"Promoting a more industrial economy will help us get out of the crisis"

From BeAble Capital as a reference venture capital in the investment in industrial science-based companies, we seek to promote an advanced reindustrialization, generating a high value-added and competitive industrial fabric, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

"We cannot allow the companies of the future to lack the necessary funding to develop and be competitive internationally"

"At this time it is vital to strengthen the Venture Capital sector in Spain, which is prepared by its nature to invest in companies that emerge from science, at the stages in which they are off the radar of banking institutions **in terms of funding". Newspaper El Referente touches on the activity of BeAble Capital and Almudena Trigo in their article "How to deal with cash payments in the face of the Covid-19 economic crisis" published by Blanca Capitán, in a global approach to the business and entrepreneurial situation of our country, Europe, and other continents.

"Science is the key to solving the challenges we face”.

Almudena Trigo is the protagonist of this article, published by La Razón in their Innovators section. In the interview, the co-founder of BeAble offers her point of view on the drastic changes our daily lives have faced in the recent months. In her words, "If a country has an industry that represents a high percentage of their GDP, what they actually have is a more stable economy in the face of a crisis.”

BeAble Capital invests 165,000 euros in Microbial Biosystems, a technology focused on producing bioplastics from organic waste.

BeAble Capital, leading Deep Science Venture in our country, is committed to investing in research and science in order to respond to the great challenges we face. To this end, they will invest 165,000 euros in new technology developed by Microbial Biosystems, who are researching a sustainable alternative to plastic obtained from oil.

"BeAble invests in Deep Science, that is to say, in technologies that emerge from science"

Technology transfer in Deep Science puts the focus on science as the only engine capable of addressing the main challenges of our planet. Only by investing in Deep Science is it possible to identify, develop and profitably industrialize technologies that are applicable to areas such as health, mobility or sustainability, in order to respond to needs not yet covered.

BeAble Capital takes stock of a great year 2019 of investment in Deep Science

BeAble Capital, a technology transfer fund, is committed to science as an economic engine with the aim of creating a competitive and value-driven industry, with a ground-breaking approach and by supporting Deep Science technologies that will solve many of the major challenges facing society.

BeAble Capital and CDTI invest one million euros in Alén Space

As 2019 draws to an end, the year in which they have established themselves as leaders in investment in Deep Science, BeAble Capital present their new investee, Alén Space, with a funding round of one million euros, including the CDTI´s participation (with the co-investment initiative promoted through Innvierte Economía Sostenible) and BeAble Capital as Lead Investor.

Almudena Trigo: 'It is vital to invest more in science, the measure of a country's progress”

BeAble Capital, based in Madrid but with a global vocation, has consolidated itself in just a few years as an outstanding private and independent industrial high technology fund in Spain, specialized in strategic and fundamental sectors by supporting and promoting industrial biotechnology, nanotechnology or photonics.

Beable Capital invests 165,000 euros in Fourteen Energies

BeAble Capital, the first private and independent investment fund in our country focused on Deep Tech, presents one of its new investees, Fourteen Energies, with an initial investment of 165,000 euros. Always on the lookout for disruptive technologies, BeAble Capital supports the creation of companies that are born in research centres and universities, as is the case of Fourteen Energies, which emerged from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

"I learned that in the end everything has a positive byproduct"

With an extensive international background and a distinct multidisciplinary character, Almudena Trigo is the co-founder, together with David López, of BeAble Capital. This company aims to apply all its technical knowledge, its vision of the modus operandi of Spanish science, and its experience in technology transfer to business initiatives that generate and transform the Spanish industrial fabric, all through the conversion of scientific development into high industrial technology.

BeAble Capital invests 160,000 euros in Toledo Fine Chemicals (TFC)

BeAble Capital, the Spanish private and independent technology transfer investment fund focused on Deep Tech, announces investment in the first phase of 160,000 euros to support the creation of the technology company TFC.

BeAble Capital invests 500,000 euros in its target company Alcyon

BeAble Capital, the first private and independent investment fund in our country focused on Deep Tech, increases its financial backing of Alcyon, one of its investees. After contributing 150,000 euros in the first phase, they will now expand their capital by 500,000 euros.

BeAble Capital, a high-tech industrial fund, increases its investment in A4Cell, the intracellular chip that analyzes live cells in real time

BeAble Capital, the first private and independent technology transfer fund focused on Deep Tech, renews its confidence in Arrays-for-cell Nanodevices S.L (A4Cell), one of its investees. Always on the lookout for disruptive technologies with a high potential emerging from research centres and universities, BeAble Capital seeks to transform them into internationally competitive technology companies. They have now added an investment of 650,000 euros to the 158,000 euros funded in the initial phase of A4Cell.

BeAble Capital increases investment in Enlighting Technologies

BeAble Capital, the first and only private and independent industrial Deep Tech fund in Spain, renews its support for Enlighting Technologies with an injection of 450,000 euros.

BeAble Capital, investment in science as an economic driver

With 35 million euros, BeAble Capital is the first and only private and independent high technology industrial fund in Spain. They invest in Deep Tech technologies: advanced materials, micro and nanoelectronics, industrial biotechnology, ITC technologies, nanotechnology and photonics.

BeAble Capital backs a company that develops solar filters that are safe for our health and the environment

ADP Cosmetics is moving away from chemical sunscreens and making a wide array of nano free, efficient, photostable and hypoallergenic mineral filters that are committed to the skin and the planet.

Innovation in health, key to improving patient care

The Pfizer Foundation and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) are organizing a new edition of the Health Technology Innovation Workshop to discuss a series of initiatives whose common denominator is to adapt to a changing environment in order to offer maximum value to patients.

Poretune: who said a metal could not be ethereal?

Poretune, a company financed by BeAble Innvierte KETs Fund, which emerged from the UPV/EHU, develops metal aerogels for the energy and automotive market, particularly for Fuel Cells.

BeAble Capital, a private fund for the creation of business opportunities from science

BeAble Capital is the first private and independent technology transfer fund in Spain focusing on the industrial high technology sector (nanotechnology, advanced materials, photonics, micro and nanoelectronics and biotechnology).

CDTI, EIF and BeAble Capital launch a 32 million euros fund to promote technology transfer.

The goal is to facilitate the creation and consolidation of Spanish companies that focus on industrial technology.

H2020 Project LiqBiopSens: A new liquid biopsy platform for early detection of colorectal cancer

We are proud to announce that the European Commission awarded a grant of a total value of 2,7 million euros to the project of AWSensors LIQBIOPSENS for early detection of colorectal cancer by carrying out liquid biopsy. The grant was awarded within Horizon2020 and specifically in the call entitled “ICT-28-2015: Cross cutting ICT Key Enabling Technologies”.

Xerolutions, winner of the fourth edition of the Repsol Foundation's Entrepreneurs’ Fund

Repsol Foundation has selected the Asturian project Xerolutions, a new technology that enables a faster and better production of porous materials, as prize winners in their fourth edition of the Entrepreneurs’ Fund.

CSIC, leading reference in research, championed by NextTip and AD Particles

The fact that the financial situation of research in Spain, with the Superior Centre of Scientific Investigations (CSIC) as its major exponent, is complicated is no secret. However, the largest public research organization in Spain continues to be an international benchmark, despite a decline in investment in key areas such as nanotechnology.

BeAble Capital transforms scientific knowledge into a business reality

In a socio-economic context in which Spanish scientists are forced to emigrate in order to develop their research, companies like BeAble Capital are an alternative that brings the world of business to the researcher. BeAble Capital was created in 2008 with the objective of transferring scientific knowledge and technology to companies and society. However, the largest public research organization in Spain continues to be an international benchmark, despite a decline in investment in key areas such as nanotechnology.