BeAble Capital transforms scientific knowledge into a business reality

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In a socioeconomic context in which Spanish scientists are forced to emigrate in order to develop their research, companies like B-Able are an alternative to bring the world of business to these researchers. BeAble Capital was created in 2008 with the objective of transferring scientific knowledge and technology to companies and society. “We realized that scientific knowledge i is very good in our country but it does not reach society and it´s not made profitable, thereby both, society and researchers are losing because society doesn´t receive science benefices and researchers don´t exploit some of their work whose are possible to made profit from., “says the co-founder and managing director of the company, Almudena Trigo.

Currently, the company is involved in five business projects with products already sold in the market. Within them, BeAble Capital participates the companies with researchers “in a percentage that varies each project”, says co-founder. Also, she points out that the work of B-Able favors the creation of “skilled employment” and a “steady growth in R&D in Spain”.

These projects cover the areas of nanotechnology, industrial biotechnology, photonics, microelectronics, advanced materials and ICT technologies. Examples are AD-Particles which manufactures, among other products, non-nanometric inorganic UV filters, or Xerolutions that develops high value porous materials like thermal insulators and ultra-capacitors.

Moreover, BeAble Capital participates in Next-Tip, producing probes that improve quality control in the production of materials such as graphene, or in the AWSensors Company that designs acoustic instrumentation.

Finally, the visual search engine Shot & Shop, an app that allows the user to find products in online stores which are similar to the ones you have taken a photo as shoes or handbags.

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