Almudena Trigo: “The Spanish research quality is high level and it is a fantastic base for innovation in the country”

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The Managing Director of B-Able, Almudena Trigo, has indicated that research quality in Spain is “high level and a fantastic base for innovation in the country”, referring to the future of the Spanish market in this field during an interview for the specialized web

“The research in this country is high standards and it is a fantastic base for innovation in the country. So if Spain takes this advantage, the future in the field of innovation can be very promising”, the co-founder of B-Able has said.

Moreover, Trigo has recognized that all companies, both Spanish and foreign, have assumed that innovation is “one of the pillars that must be supported to position itself and compete”. In this regard, facing the markets globalization, she has added that “innovation is the only differentiating value that we can rely on against other countries where costs are lower or there are important natural resources”.

Regarding the mission of B-Able: “transform scientific knowledge into a business reality”, the manager has referred to the way of working of the company: “we carry out the transformation through collaborations with companies to help them to acquire technologies or make their own R&D profitable, and by creating new technology companies. So far, we have created five technology companies and have worked with companies of different types in order to take the R&D to the market, which is our main objective”.

One of the keys to take research to companies is “finding the right partner to carry it out” and understanding that this premise leads to “better results”, this PhD in Molecular Biology has added. Accordingly, B-Able collaborates with universities to “to jointly give value to scientific developments”.

Finally, she has underscored the importance of how B-Able`s team work in order to achieve the objectives of companies and researchers that B-Able is working with. “We try to adapt both, our business model and our processes and products, to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. B-Able is formed by a very heterogeneous group of people and we are in constant contact with various players in the sector. This allows us to have a very open mind and, thanks to the teamwork and analytical skills, we are constantly innovating”, Trigo has concluded.

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